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Profession Dailies

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Profession Dailies Empty Profession Dailies

Post by dudeserius on Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:52 pm

Hey All,

I'm going to talk to you a bit about profession dailies: what are they (and how they work), how do you access them, and what do you get for accomplishing them. At some point in main city for your alliance/pact (this is Davon's Watch for the Ebonheart Pact), you will notice that one of the bulletin boards has a quest to pick up. It will allow you to study under either a leader from the Mage's Guild or a leader from the Fighter's Guild. You will train under them for a certain profession until you earn your certification. Upon earning this certification, you can either keep going for more certifications or start working on the Daily for your certified profession. Upon completing the daily, you will get a reward.

I'm going to do this from the perspective of a member of the Ebonheart Pact. When you see Davon's Watch, just replace it with the main city of your alliance (either Daggerfall or Vulkhel Guard). The concepts are the same for the other two alliances, but other players can fill in the blanks for you.

What are the Profession Dailies?

Profession Dailies are a daily quest you can pick up at a bulletin board in Davon's Watch once you are certified for at least one profession.

Earning those Profession Certifications

Getting certified is free Smile and very easy. In order to get certified, you will need to go to the Mages Guild for Alchemy, Provisioning, and Enchanting or the Fighter's Guild for Woodworking, Blacksmithing, and Clothier. You need to be at least level 6 (or it might be lvl 5). Some have said that if you are at least rank 10 in a profession, you can bypass the whole process and get certified immediately.

You can only have one certification process going for the Mage's Guild and one from the Fighter's Guild; though once you finish with one, you can continue on to get the rest. I started with woodworking because i want to have pro-staves  Cool . I had to find maple wood (if you were collecting before now, skip to the next section). Then you had to make so many processed wood planks. From there, I then had to locate some racial styles to match what I could make...i'm an Argonian on this character, so that means i needed Flint. If you purchased other profession styles, you are open to using other styles (naturally). I didn't waste any materials for this, so i did the bare minimum. Next, i had to break down the maple restoration staff. That did it, and i was certified. So i jumped on to the next one in the list: Blacksmithing...

Anyways, from this point, I picked up a crafting writ for woodworking.

Working on the Profession Daily

Once you I gathered my crafting writ for woodworking and it wanted me to make 2 maple restoration staves and 4 maple shields. I was nearly out of room at this point so i made the staves, broke them down, and then everytime i made a shield, i broke it down. 3 shields in i realized my shield count was stuck at have to make all the items in the list w/o breaking them down.

Professional Writs (daily quests) are limited to one writ per day per profession, so if you are certified in all 6 professions, you can accomplish 6 writs per day.


This is a placeholder as I have not completed a daily yet. (You'd be surprised how hard it is to make 2 staves and 4 shields when you only have 2 slots left over Razz )

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