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Destiny - Raids

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Destiny - Raids Empty Destiny - Raids

Post by dudeserius on Sun May 10, 2015 10:34 pm

If you are interested in starting a topic related to raiding, please use the Destiny Raids forum at the top of the Destiny forum page. You can use that to talk about raids, set up times for other group members to join you (because let's face it, some people have family, jobs, school, etc).

If there is a sub-forum you feel relates to Destiny that you would like to see, please message one of the Admins and we will consider adding it. Good reasons for a new sub-forum might include:

  • A set of topics that are updated constantly will push other posts down where people can't see them.

  • You want to have several quizzes, votes, or other interactive posts in one of your topics

  • There may be other reasons, so please send a pm to one of the admins if you see a need for one along with the reason, title, and description.

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