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Basic Social Tips

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Basic Social Tips Empty Basic Social Tips

Post by dudeserius on Sat Jun 13, 2015 11:20 pm


  1. If you see me refer to the social hub, i'm talking about pressing start in-game, and selected "Social" from the list of options on the left.

Voice Chat

MMOs are social by nature and ESO is no exception. Because there's no kb (keyboard) on the console, typing is a little harder to do. To help with this, they brought in voice chat. There's a few different chat modes: area, global, group, and clan. Area chat allows you to talk with those nearby and they with you (and the other chat modes speak for themselves).

To talk in area chat, just hook up your mic or turn on your kinect mic; area chat is enabled by default. You may notice random babies crying, loud individuals, blaring of music, etc. If this is the case, or you don't want to hear other people you aren't actually playing with, you can disable area chat. Just go to your social hub in the game menu, then locate "Voice Chat". From there, you can turn off area chat or turn it back on. Note: You will have to disable this everytime you start the game because each time you pick a character, it connects you to the area chat They separate out area chat from the other chat modes so that you can just enable the one(s) you want.


Emotes are ways to express emotion as well as to allow you to quickly say something w/o having to type it if you don't have your mic on. This can be great for PUGs and the likes. Go ahead and set this up by going to the social hub in your game menu. Select Emotes, and from there you are offered a list of emote types on the left as well as a slew of options for each type. Once you have highlighted an emote you want, you can do one of two things:

  1. Activate the emote (press [A] on XB1)- do this if you want to try one out or if you want to use one not in your quick emote list
  2. Assign the emote (press [X] on XB1) - do this if you want to add it to your quick emote wheel. Once you choose to assign it, you will be presented with a wheel with 1 of 8 spots for you to assign your emote to. Once assigned, you can activate it by holding -> on your D-Pad and the using your right joystick to select


In the social hub, there's a [Group] option. From here, you can PUG (pick-up-group) or run with some friendlies.  Your options are to LFG/LFM (look-for-group, look-for-more) or add friendlies to your group. You can even update your role in the group (but the game is pretty good at figuring out your role based on your class).


In the social hub, there's the mail menu. From here, you can view mail you received as well send mail out to people. When sending out mail, you can either type the name of your friend or you can choose the friend menu from the social hub and choose to send mail once you have selected a friend. You can even attach gold or items to help out a newbie.


Select the friends menu from the social hub. You can go through a list of your friends in order of "online" status. You can search for a friend (if you have a long list like most of the clan) on the top right where it says "Gamertag" with a magnifying glass next to it. You can view their alliance, location, class, level, and do actions such as: view their gamertag and send them mail.

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